Motor & Generator

With dedicated on-site and in-shop MRO teams we provide quick turnaround time to enhance your maintenance schedules. We are the world’s first certified company to service explosion proof equipments to IECEx and UL listed requirements.

We are capable of redesigning and rebuilding of the equipments, including manufacture and supply motor and generator parts such as slip ring, commutator, carbon brushes, brush holders, cooling fan, new shaft, winding temperature sensor and others.

We deliver the high level of quality of expectation irrespective of conditions of site and locations from offshore to inland petrochemical and power plants to general industrial plents.

We deliver value without losing integrity and environmental benefits of the equipments.

Stator Windings

  • Insulation Resistance Measurement
  • Over Voltage Proof Test (AC / DC)
  • Dissipation Factor and Tip-Up (Tan Delta and Capacitance Measurement)
  • Surge Comparison Test
  • DC Winding Resistance Measurement
  • Rewind and Overhaul


  • Loop Test / Flux Test
  • Core Tightness Inspection
  • ELCID (Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection)
  • Restacking


  • Voltage Drop Test
  • Impedance Measurement
  • DC Winding Resistance Measurement
  • Insulation Resistance Measurement
  • Rewind and Overhaul

Cleaning & Coating

  • Dry Ice Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Class H & Freon Resistant Varnish

On-Line Tests

  • Partial Discharge Analysis
  • Vibrations Analysis
  • Dynamometer Test to 14kV

Value Proposition

  • Technical Consultation
  • Failure Analysis
  • Field Data Analysis / Interpretation
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Product Overview
  • Technical Training

World’s First Ex Certified Service Company

Improving equipment life span through expert maintenance & decades long rich experience